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New De/Vision Album in January 2006!

(Taken from the German newsletter today)

New album - "Subkutan"

Now it's final, DE/VISION's new album will be called "Subkutan" and will be released on January 16, 2006.

The songwriting itself is nearly finished, but the production of the new songs will continue until September 2005. Regarding the sound and style of the new album, Steffen and Thomas don't want to betray anything at the moment, but they said that there will be one or another suprise.

Whether a possible single will be released, will be decided after they have finished the production in September.

Ulrike Rank will be responsible for the CD artwork again and who will be the band photographer this time is also nearly fixed.

New tour

The scheduling for the forthcoming tour is even in progress and you should keep in mind that it will take place from April 07 till April 17, 2006.
The mentioned period is scheduled for German dates only.

Where, when, and how DE/VISION will play in other countries is not yet sorted out.
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