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DE/vision Related blog.
anything De/vision, including any sideprojects, tour info and news.

- Steffen: singer, composer
- Thomas: lyrics, keyboards, backing vocals
- Markus (199?-2000): keyboards, composer

From the Darmstadt area in Germany, DE/VISION have been playing their predominantly electronic pop music with melodic English vocals since 1988. Long considered a quantity to be reckoned with on the German music scene, the chart success of their third CD Fairyland marked the breakthrough of this hard working and consistently touring band. (...) While initially being influenced by the famous electronic bands of the day, they now cite the techno, trance, hip-hop and crossover genres as their current influences. These days, DE/VISION themselves are an influence on the music scene and have been forerunners in many respects, working with vocal distortion effects as early as the beginning of 1996.
A phenomenon in Europe and the underground clubs in North America, the electropop act De/Vision is poised to conquer the planet’s electro scene.