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New De/Vision Album Coming!

Info from the band's newsletter today:


Now it's time again. The work on the new album called "Subkutan" has been finished. Again band and label are very satisfied with the achieved.
With "Subkutan" an album has been created, which means another courageous step forward. It's somehow refreshing, but also contains the very own elements of the band. An album of electronic beauty.
After a break of ten years, the album contains a german-speaking track called "In dir" again.

01. Subtronic
02. The End
03. Star-crossed Lovers
04. Addict
05. Obey Your Heart
06. No Tomorrow
07. Still Unknown
08. In dir
09. E-Shock
10. My Own Worst Enemy
11. Not Made Of Gold
12. Summer Sun

The release date for the album is scheduled for January 01, 2006.
There WON'T be a limited first edition.


Starting at November 05, 2005 we will present you in regularly intervals with first listening impressions at www.devision-music.com
We're currently working at the presentation of the files.


By begin of December the first forerunner from the new album will made available to clubs and radio stations. A regular single release of the song "The End" will be probably not happen, but the band is trying to make a small edition of the promotional single available to their fans. We will keep you up to date on this.
DE/VISION is currently working on several mixes, which will be finished by begin of November.


After one year of doing no gigs, DE/VISION will go on tour by April 07, 2006. The booking for the tour will be finished soon. We will announce the tour dates within the next few weeks.
In connection with the tour preparation, we want you to take part in the composition of the live set. Please send us a mail with your favourite 5 songs until End of December 2005.
The band is trying to consider your wishes in the arrangement.
Please send your Email to: band@devision-music.de
As subject for the Email please use "Setlist Tour". This makes it easier for us to separate the Emails.


By the begin of November you will have the chance to listen some of the songs from the forthcoming album "Subkutan" for a first time.
A pre-listening-party with Steffen Keth will take place at the Dark Flower, Leipzig on November 05, 2005.
On November 19, 2005 both guys will travel to Hungary upon invitation from Budapest.
In cooperation with the hungarian fanpage www.de-vision.hu they will present songs from new album even there. It will happen at the Marco Polo Club, Budapest.

More information at: www.de-vision.hu
The one and only official release party for the new album will take place on January 28, 2005 at the Dark Flower, Leipzig. Of course both musicians will be present.

Please visit the DE/VISION website regularly within the next few weeks. We will present you the website in a new look soon!
Greetings as always from Steffen, Thomas and the whole DE/VISION Info-Team.

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I wish I could read news this good every Monday morning.
Me too!

And news on the new Mesh today as well: http://www.mesh.co.uk/